is an attempt.., a small effort..
for deprived people..

Extending the outreach of this noble cause, collections will be made here, at Kharagpur.
 Bundle the unwanted but usable things in your room and hand them over to us, when we come to your doorstep.We will ensure that it reaches the needy.


Contribute :     Clothes ,      Footwear ,       Stationery items   , etc ,

We will be happy to take in anything that you are about to discard.
We will have to bear the transportation cost in taking the items to Bihar, Goonj's nearest centre.

 We would be highly grateful if you could help us in this cause, by contributing an amount of Rs 10 .

We make a special request to final years, who will be graduating this year, to contribute all that they plan to leave behind or discard.

Contribute  generously and help us in this noble cause.

Please do check the video. We believe it will motivate you to contribute, as it drove us to organize this collection.

check    for more information about this Award Winning Organisation.